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Talk, talk , talk-


You hear it everywhere, at any time, by everyone. If the speakers are using your native tongue- no problem.
But, what if they are speaking English and your English is poor, what can be done to improve your skills.
Of course the fastest and most efficient way to improve your English abilities is to move an English
speaking country and immerse yourself. Unfortunately that is not really an option for most people.
You could go to a language school or institute, assuming that there is one available in your community and it
is affordable. If you live in a community with lots of native speakers you may be able to make friends with
some and converse with him or her. If not, one can study at home using the Internet.

This site is intended for both teachers and students. Lesson plans for English conversations are available for
both situations and functions that will most likely be encounter by speakers of English. Each lesson plan
contains common English expressions for various situations or functions used by native English speakers on
a daily basis. Students can begin using these expressions immediately to facilitate their communication

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Learning English conversation skills works best in pairs or groups. One can improve their writing, reading,
and listening skills by studying alone, but to maximize study time to improve speaking skills you need a

Let’s face it, when people talk, they are usually talking to someone. Granted, they could be talking to the
family dog, but that’s way to one sided. They could also be talking to themselves- hopefully not in to a
abnormal way. The reasons partners are so important when learning conversations skills are because:

1) one sided conversations are a little boring, and
2) a partner can give you feedback about what was said.

It’s almost impossible to give yourself feedback if you don’t know that you made a mistake or pronounced
something incorrectly.

All the lessons in this site were developed with that in mind- two people talking together to exchange ideas
and provide feedback to each other.

One last word about speaking. Many people, when first learning a new language, are reluctant to speak
because they fear they will make a mistake. They should never ever worry about making mistakes because -





So, stop worrying about it. The MOST important thing about communicating is not to speak grammatically correct, but to be understood! Even if a mistake is made, if the listener understands your meaning, communication has been achieved.

Most people are very tolerant of people learning a new language. As long as you try to communicate, even if mistakes are made, the effort will be appreciated, communication will be accomplished, and the ultimate goal for the interaction reached.

Learn English expressions used in various functions and situations-