Pipe down mean to be quite.

The mother told her children to pipe down because they were making to much noise.

Pig out means to eat a lot of food.

            An American tradition on Thanksgiving is to pig out on turkey.

 Hit the road means to exit or leave an area.

            I have to hit the road; I’m late for a meeting.

Hit the spot means that something just eaten or drank has satisfied one’s thirst or hunger.

            A cold ice tea after working in the garden on a hot day really hits the  spot.

One foot in the grave means to be very sick and close to death.

            My grandfather has had one foot in the grave for years.

Bite the bullet means to endure something. 

            Even though Kelly despised her mother-in-law because of her constant criticism, she bit the bullet and responded to her graciously.

Drive someone up a wall means that someone or something angers or annoys someone else

            Having to listen to my sister-in-law constantly complain about her job drives me up a wall.

Spill the beans means to reveal a secret

My little sister spilled the beans about our mother’s surprise birthday party.

Get off someone’s back means to stop bothering or pestering someone.

After 10 minutes of listening to his father complain about his poor grades his son finally shouted at him “Get off my back

Jump down someone’s throat means to get angry at someone else and shout or yell at them

Eric’s older sister jumped down his throat when he entered her bedroom without knocking first.