Cold Turkey means to quite doping something abruptly, using in reference to smoking.

My New Years resolution was to quite smoking cold turkey.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you means to not hurt or take advantage of someone who has helped you.

Because Shirley depended on the money her parents gave her she did not want to go against their wishes not to marry the boyfriend; she didn’t want to bite the hand that fed her.

Got off on the wrong foot means to start something badly, many times used when meeting someone new.

I apologize for my remark about your education; I didn’t mean to get off on the wrong foot

High on the hog means that a person is living extravagantly than others or making a lot of money and spending it excessively.

After Horace won the state lottery he stared living high on the hog.

Rings a bell means that something sounds familiar, something you have heard before.

When asked if he was familiar with string theory in physics Booby sa “It’s rings a bell”

See eye to eye mean to agree about something. Don’t see eye to eye means to not agree.

My wife and I do not see eye to eye on anything political.

Pitch in means to help.

I told me father I would pitch in when he started to paint the house.

On the same wavelength means that people are thinking alike.

My business partner and I were on the same wave length about how to solve the problem- we needed to layoff people.

On cloud nine means to be very happy.

Penelope was on cloud nine after her boyfriend proposed to her.

All ears mean that one is listening to what someone else is saying.

When my wife said that she wanted to talk to me about something important I said “I’m all ears