Lesson Plan for Describing people

When you want to know what someone looks you, you are going to ask for a description. Descriptions can be very simple (he’s ugly) or very descriptive and detailed. (She’s 5 feet 4 inches tall, with straight flaming red shoulder length hair, sparkling dark green eyes, a dazzling pearly white smile, with a cute dimple on her left cheek, and lightly tanned facial skin as smooth as a baby’s behind, with a body like Marilynn Monroe). Just remember- when giving descriptions, people liked to flattered, not insulted!


English Expressions Used when Describing People

 What does (she) look like?          She looks like a model.

What color is her hair?          It’s black?

What color are his eyes?          They’re blue.

How tall is she?          She is five feet, four inches tall.

How much do you weight?          I weight 75 kilos.

How old is your mother?          She’s 45 years old.

Does the professor wear glasses?            No, but he wears contacts.

Does he have any distinguishing characteristics?          He has a scar on his left cheek.

Below are adjectives that can be used when describing people’s physical characteristics.

Hair: long, short, straight, curly, permed, ponytail, bangs, crew cut, shoulder length, bald,
receding hairline, salt and pepper, blond, gray, bald, wavy

Body build: Skinny, thin, slender, average weight, muscular, fat, chubby, plump, obese,
overweight, beer belly, average build, stocky, medium height, tall, short

Facial features: mustache, beard, side burns, pimples, dimples, round eyes, square chin,
big nose, wears glasses, round face


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