Describing people is a useful thing to know. When you want to know what someone looks you, you are going to ask for a description.

Descriptions can be very simple- He’s ugly.

Or they can be very descriptive and detailed- She’s 5 feet 4 inches tall, with straight flaming red shoulder length hair, sparkling dark green eyes, a dazzling pearly white smile, with a cute dimple on her left cheek, and lightly tanned facial skin as smooth as a baby’s behind, with a body like Marilynn Monroe.
Just remember- when giving descriptions, people liked to flattered, not insulted!

English Expressions Used when Describing People
What does (… she) look like? She looks like a model.
What color is her hair? It’s black?
What color are his eyes? They’re blue.
How tall is she? She is five feet, four inches tall.
How much do you weight? I weight 75 kilos.
How old is your mother? She’s 45 years old.
Does the professor wear glasses? No, but he wears contacts.
Does he have any distinguishing characteristics?
He has a scar on his left cheek.
Below are adjectives that can be used when describing people’s physical characteristics.
   Long, short, straight, curly, permed, ponytail, bangs, crew cut, shoulder length, bald, receding hairline, salt and   pepper, blond, gray, bald, wavy
Body Build
  Skinny, thin, slender, average weight, muscular, fat, chubby, plump, obese, overweight, beer belly, average build,   stocky, medium height, tall, short
Facial Features
   Mustache, beard, side burns, pimples, dimples, round eyes, square chin, big nose, wears glasses, round face


Policeman: Did you get a good look at the person? Can you describe him?
Witness: Yes, officer I did and I can.
Policeman: First, his race, could you tell his race?
Witness: He had fairly dark skin, maybe Latino.
Policeman: How tall was he?
Witness: He was about my height, six feet or so.
Policeman: His wieght?
Witness: I’m not sure. I weigh about 180 pounds, but he had a lot more padding around his belly.
Policeman: How old was he?
Witness: I would guess between 25 and 30.
Policeman: Color of hair or eye?
Witness: I didn’t see his eye color, he was wearing sun glasses with light blue frames. He had brown hair, cut really short, no more than an inch long.
Policeman: Did you see any distinquishing characteristics- glasses, tattos, beard, things like that?
Witness: He had a pencil thin mushtashe and a mole just under on his left eye.
Policeman: What was he wearing?
Witness: He had on a red T-shirt with a picture of a lion on it and a tan colored light jacket and blue jeans.
Police: That helps a lot. Thank you for your assistance.
Witness: My pleasure.

Practice Activities

Find a partner and practice using English expressions for describing people. People you may want to describe are your parents, siblings, spouses, teachers, bosses and friends.

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