Expressing likes and dislikes in English (or any other language for that matter) is a popular topic in many conversations. Family and friends may want to know the things you like and don’t like and you may have a need to know the same thing about them. For example, you may want to find out the kind of food they like or their favorite form of entertainment or what genre of music they like best. Important stuff to know if they are buying you a birthday gift!

Knowing common questions that may be asked about your preferences and how to respond to those questions is essential. There are several expressions that can be used to ask these things and how to respond to such questions. Look at these examples.

English Expressions Used to Express Likes and Dislikes
Expression: Do you like playing chess?
    Response: Yes, I like chess, but I don’t play well.
    Response: No, not really.
Expression: How do you like (… American football)?
    Response: I love it. I watch it every Sunday during football season.
    Response: Not much, I don’t understand the game.
Expression: Which do you prefer (… movies or the theater)?
    Response: I prefer the theater.
    Response: I like both, but I go to the movies more oftern.
Expression: Do you like ( … peach ice cream)?
    Response: It’s OK, but it’s not my favorite flavor.
    Response: Not really, no.
Expression: What is your favorite ( … food)?
    Response: My favorite food is Mexican food.

Another topic related to expressing likes and dislikes is expressing opinion Take a look at this page for more information.

Practice Activities

Find a partner and practice using the expressions above to talk about things you like and dislike. Some possible topics are listed below.

Favorite food
Favorite genre of music and movies

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