If lost, asking for and giving directions can be a life safer. Not everyone knows where they are going and may need help with directions from time to time. Directions may be needed to get to a nearby town, or to the newest mall in town or to the nearest rest room in a large building. Where ever you are going, the expression below can be used to get you where you need to go.

English Expressions Used in Giving Directions
    Expression: How do I to get to ( …the university)?
    Response: Go to Franklin Avenue and turn right. Go two blocks, the university is on the left.
    Expression: How do I find ( … Cactus Shopping Mall)?
    Response: Go straight on this street about a mile, it’s on the right.
    Expression: Which way do I go to get to ( … the police station)?
    Response: Drive to Maple Street and turn left. The police station is in the middle of the block.
    Expression: Pardon me, I’m lost, how do I get to the ( … theater)?
    Response: Go to the second stop sign and turn right. Then go the third stop sign. The theater is on that corner.
    Expression: Could you direct me to ( … I-8)?
    Response: Take Trekell Road west about 4 miles You’ll run into it.

Prepositions of location
go straight go to…. turn right turn left
cross on your right on your right beside
next to behind across from in front of
caddy corner on the corner ofbetweenaround the corner

Practice Activities

A local library
The nearest McDonolds
The nearest hospital
Your house
Your place of business or school

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