Lesson Plan for Lending and Borrowing

Everyone has family, friends, or colleagues who at one time or another will want to borrow something that you have. It may just be a pen to write a note, or money for lunch, or something more substantial like your truck for a day so they can move or the use of your lake-side cabin for a weekend getaway. Whatever it is, there are standard expressions that can be used. Look at these examples.

English Expressions Used for Lending and Borrowing

Could you lend me (…five dollars)?
—-Response: OK, here you go.
—-Response: Sorry, I’m broke.

May I borrow ( … your cell phone)?
—-Response: Sure, go ahead.
—-Responses: Yes, but I need to make a call first.

Do you mind if I use ( …your stapler for a sceond)?
—-Response: No problem.
—-Response: Sorry, but it’s out of staples.

Will you lend me ( … your car to go to the drug store)?
—-Response: OK, but drive carefully.
—-Response: I’m sorry, but I don’t have insurance and don’t want anyone else driving it.

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