Lesson Plan to Talk about Likes and Dislikes


During the course of many conversations discussing your likes and dislikes may come up. With someone you don’t know well you may want to find out the kind of food they like or their favorite kind of movies, or what genre of music they like least. There are several expressions that can be used to ask these things. Look at these examples.

English Expressions Used to Express Likes and Dislikes

Expression: Do you like playing chess?
Response: Yes, I like chess, but I don’t play well.
Response: No, not really.

Expression: How do you like (… American football)?
Response: I love it. I watch it every Sunday during football season.
Response: Not much, I don’t understand the game.

Expression: Which do you prefer (… movies or the theater)?
Response: I prefer the theater.
Response: I like both, but I go to the movies more oftern.

Expression: Do you like ( … peach ice cream)?
Response: It’s OK, but it’s not my favorite flavor.
Response: Not really, no.

Expression: What is your favorite ( … food)?
Response: My favorite food is Mexican food.

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