More than one way to skin a cat means that are is more than one way to accomplish something.

When Bob’s idea to fix the problem didn’t work the bass said “Not to worry- there is more than one way to skin a cat.

On the wagon means to no longer drink alcohol.

My uncle has been on the wagon for 15 years.

Out of the blue means something has happened suddenly and unexpectedly.

Danny’s ex-wife telephoned him out of the blue after 7 years to ask him for money.

 Pass the buck means blaming others form some problem, shifting the blame from your self to someone else.

Most politicians are expects at passing the buck if something goes wrong.


Piece of cake means something is easy to do, not difficult.

Learning how to play checkers is a piece of cake.

Screw up means make a mistake in some situation.

If you screw up to often on your job you are likely to get sacked.


Take the plunge means to decide to get married.

After months of thinking about it Simon decided to take the plunge and asked Allison for her hand in marriage.

Up in the air means that something in undecided.

Perry’s decision to go to college is still up in the air.