On the same wavelength means that people are thinking alike.

My business partner and I were on the same wave length about how to solve the problem- we needed to layoff people.

On cloud nine means to be very happy.

Penelope was on cloud nine after her boyfriend proposed to her.

All ears mean that one is listening to what someone else is saying.

When my wife said that she wanted to talk to me about something important I said ā€œIā€™m all earsā€

Gumshoe means private investigator or private eye.

Philip Marlow is a well know gumshoe in American literature.

Under the weather means to be sick

Because I felt under the weather yesterday I did not go to work.

Three sheets to the wind means to be very drunk.

When I was in college I used to get three sheets to the wind every Friday night.

In the slammer means to be in jail in prison.

Three of my friends from high school have been in the slammer for one crime or another.

Go with the flow means to do the same thing every one else is doing.

When I was in high school I usually went with the flow, even though I knew some of the things we did were wrong or illegal.