Tag along means to join or go with others someplace.

Charlie’s mother insisted that his younger brother tag along with him and his friends when they went to the movies.

On the back burner means that something is no longer a priority and will only be acted upon later.

Because of the slumping economy the company put the plan to introduce the new product on the back burner.

Ants in your pants means to be very impatient anxious, or excited about something.

Jenny had ants in her pants before her violin solo at the concert.

Bite the Dust means to die.

My mother never liked that a had a motor cycle, she thought I would bite the dust if I had a serious motorcycle accidents

Break the ice means to be friendly and talkative and say something to someone when meeting for the first time to ease communication and a social bond

 My friend Ted is very good at breaking the ice, unlike myself.

Bump off mean to kill someone or to eliminate someone from consideration for something.

Police suspect that someone bumped off the union leader after he completely disappeared.

John was bumped off the list for a potential candidate for mayor after it was discovered that he never graduated from college.

Burnt out means to get tired of something and no longer get enjoyment from it.

Many people that have jobs that are boring and unchallenging burn out after a while.

Catch your eye means that someone notices someone or something because they or it are attractive or different in some way.

A woman wearing a mini-shirt always catches Harold’s eye.