Make Ends Meet mean to earn just enough money to pay essential bills, with no money left for saving or extravagances.

          All though college I was barely able to make ends meet.


Horse Around means to play roughly with someone or something.

          My mother always got mad at me and my cousin because we constantly horsed around.

Cat Got Your Tongue? means that you can not think of something to say.

When I didn’t respond to my father’s news that he had disinherited me he said “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”

Go under the knife mean that one is having surgery.

          My uncle went under the knife last week for an ulcer.

Behind bars means to be in jail.

          All of my nephews have been behind bars at one time or another.

Ballpark figure
means an estimate of the cost of something.

The mayor gave a ball park figure for the new library to the city council that the town was considering building.

Couch potato is a very lazy person who only sits and watches TV.

            After my father retired be became a couch potato.

Have eyes for means to love or have feelings for someone.

            My brother only has eyes for his high school sweat heart.

 An arm and a leg means that something is very expensive.

            Mr. Jackson’s rebuilt 1967 Corvette cost an arm and a leg.