Knowing English used at a bank is essential since most people, at one time or another, have dealings with banks. Individuals may have savings or checking accounts, need loans for the purchase of autos or homes, or seek advice and assistance with investment options. Companies and entrepreneurs need banking services to conduct their businesses. Tourist may need banks to cash travelers checks or get cash against credit cards.

Take a look below at some common English expressions used at a bank.

    Customer: I want to (… cash a check)?
    Teller: Certainly, do you have an ID.
    Customer: I would like to (… make a deposit into my checking account).
    Teller: Please complete this deposit slip.
    Costumer: I need to withdrawal $500 from my savings.
    Teller: Of course. Do you have your account. passbook?
    Customer: I would like to apply for (… a bank guarantee card).
    Teller: Please see the woman at the accounts desk over there.
    Customer: Who would I talk to ( … about a car loan)?
    Teller: You will have to see Mr. Ellison in the loan department.

Banking Vocabulary
    Automatic deposit- A bank service that allows employers to deposit employees wages directly into the employees         bank accounts.
    Saving account- Money put in the bank for long term saving
    Checking account- Money put in the bank to be taken out periodically for purchases or bills
    Loans- Money given to you by the bank which you pay back over time
    Collateral- Something of value as a guarantee for a loan
    Interest- Charges for using the banks money or money given to depositors for the use of their money by the
    Check- An instrument issued by banks to its customers that allow them to make purchases instead of using
    Mortgage- A loan for a house
    Deposit- Put money into a bank account
    Withdrawal- Take money out of a bank account
    Teller- A bank clerk
    Deposit/withdrawal slips- Forms that are filled out when depositing or withdrawing money
    Bank guarantee card- A bank card that assures payees that a check is good
    Monthly statement- A financial listing of your banking activities (money deposited and withdrawn and
       charged or accrued)
    Open an account- To start a bank account
    Close an account- To end an account
    Travelers check- A prepaid check used by tourists issued by a bank that can be cashed in banks or businesses         world wide.


Teller: How may I help you?
Customer: I’d like to deposit this check into my checking account.
Teller: Do you have a completed deposit slip?
Customer: Yes, here’s it is.
Teller: May I see a picture ID?
Customer: Will a driver’s license do?
Teller: Yes sir, that is fine.
Customer: Here you go.
Teller: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Customer: Yes, I would like to withdraw $500 from my savings account. Here is the withdrawal slip.
Teller: Yes sir, how would you like that?
Customer: Could I get $200 in fifties and the rest in twenties.
Teller: Would you like this in an envelop, sir?
Customer: That would be great. Could I also get my balance after the withdrawal.
Teller: Here’s your cash back. Your balance is written on a sheet of paper in the envelop.
Customer: One more thing, who would I talk to about investment options offered by the bank?
Teller: Mr. Phillips would be happy to help you. Please follow me and I’ll introduce you to him.
Customer: Thank you.

Practice Activities

Find a partner and role play conversations practicing the English used at a bank by using the above above vocabulary and situations (getting a loan, making a deposit, etc).

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