Knowing English phrases used at an airport is essential for a traveler. Traveling by air can be a lot of fun. It can also be very confusing dealing with travel agents and airline personnel. If traveling to a foreign country, a traveler has to interact with customs and immigration officials.

There are several common phrases that are used when dealing with airlines, gate personnel and customs. Look at the possible conversations below.

English Expressions Used at the airport, travel agency or customs.
    Travel Agency

    Agent: When would you like to depart?
    Traveler: April 15th, in the morning, if possible.
    Agent: Would you like economy or first class tickets?
    Traveler: Economy, please.
    Agent: Will that be round trip or one way?
    Traveler: Round trip.
    Agent: When would you like to return?
    Traveler: On the 20th of April.

    Agent: May I have your ticket and passport please?
    Traveler: Here you are.
    Agent: Do you have any luggage to check in?
    Traveler: Yes, one bag. I also have one small carry-on.
    Agent: Would you like a window or aisle seat?
    Traveler: Window seat, please.
    At the Gate

    Agent: Your ticket please.
    Traveler: Here it is.

    Agent: May I have your passport, please.
    Traveler: Of course.
    Agent: What is the purpose of your visit?
    Traveler: I’m here on vacation.
    Agent: Where will you be staying during your stay?
    Traveler: At the Marriot Resort.
    Agent: Do you have anything to declare?
    Traveler: No.

Practice Activities

Find a partner and practice having similar conversations. One partner can be the agent and the other the traveler. Have conversations at a travel agency, airport check-in, at the gate and at customs.

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