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Lesson Plan for at a Hotel


At some time or another you may find yourself at an English speaking hotel. Whether at an economy hotel or a 5 star resort, you will encounter the same kinds of expressions, be asked the same kinds of questions, and respond to these questions in the same way either on the telephone or in person. Look at these common English expressions used at a hotel.

English Expressions Used at a Hotel

Expression: Do you have a reservation?
Response: Yes, the name is Billy Smith.

Expression: When will you be checking out?
Response: I’ll be staying until Sunday.

Expression: Do you prefer a smoking or non -smoking room?
Response: Non-smoking if you please.

Expression: Will you be paying by cash or credit card?
Response: Credit card, if you accept Visa.

Expression: Pease fill out this registration form.
Response: Of course?

Expression: I would like to leave a wake up call for 6:30.
Response: Certainly sir.


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