Lesson Plan for Shopping at a Store


Shopping! Everyone loves shopping, right? Well, maybe not everyone. But everyone has to do it from time to time to buy the necessities of life- like food and clothes. Whether you enjoy shopping and spend a considerable amount of time at it or you hate it and get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible, there are standard expressions that are used. Look at these examples.

English Expressions Used when Shopping


Expression By a Clerk
May I be of assistance?          Yes, do you have any cork screws.

How can I help you?         Where can I find men’s socks.

May I assist you?          No thanks, I’m just looking.

Could I help you find anything?          Yes please, I need garden hose.

Do you need anything else?                  No, thanks.

What size would you like?          I need a large.

Expressions by a customer
How much are (… the pillow cases)?          They are $19.99.

Could you tell me ( … the price of that scanner)?          Of course, it $149.59.

Do you have this in another color?          Yes, it also comes in white, yellow and blue.

Do you have ( … any cheaper ones)?          Of oucrse, the ones on that table are only $9.99.

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