Asking for and expressing opinions is a frequent topic of discussion in many conversations. Just about everyone has an opinion about most things.

We seek people’s opinions all the time. You may want to know a friend’s opinion of a resort that you are thinking of going to. A teacher may ask you your opinion of a homework assignment. A co-worker who us planning a business trip may want to know what you think of the service of a particular airline. An acquaintance may seek your opinion on a political candidate.
There are several expressions that can be used when asking someone’s opinion. Look at the examples below. After an opinion is given, either you agree with it or not. Look at the expressions below to indicate agreement or disagreement.

Expressions Used for Agreeing and Disagreeing
    Opinion: I think Steven King’s books are great.
    Agree: I think so too.
    Disagree: I don’t, I think some are very strange.
    Opinion: The company needs to cut costs to remain competetive.
    Agree: You’re right about that.
    Disagree: I don’t think so, I think they need to do more advertising.
    Opinion: The mandatory prison terms law helps reduce crime.
    Agree: I believe so too.
    Disagree: I disagree, I think the law has no effect on crime.
    Opinion: The Beatles was the greatest rock and roll band of the 1960’s.
    Agree: I agree.
    Disagree: No way, the Rolling Stone were much better.


Teacher: Today in class I am going to take a short poll your your opinion on a number of topics. I’ll make a statement and count the number of students that agree and disagree with the statement. Remember there are no right or wrong answers, just your opinions.
Students: Yes.
Teacher: Putt Putt golf fun or boring? Raise your hand if you think it is fun. Raise your hand if you think it is boring.
Teacher: Fun- 8, borring-22. Next statement, Taking a test is a good way to determine a student’s knowledge of a subject. Raise your hand if you agree. Raise your hand if you disagree.
Teacher: Agree- 16, disagree-14. Next statement, Computer and video games are a good way to develop the mind and pass time. Raise your hand if you agree. Raise your hand if you disagree.
Teacher: Agree- 24, disagree- 6. Next statement, Reading about a subject is the best way to learn about it OR watching a video is the best way to learn about it. Raise your hand if you think reading is best. Raise your hand if you think watching a video is best.
Teacher: Reading- 13, watching videos- 17. Next statement, Making money OR job satisfaction is the most important thing about a job. Raise your hand if yout think money is more important. Raise your hand if you think job satisfaction is more important.
Teacher: Money- 21, job satisfaction-9. That’s the end of the poll. You can now start on your homework.
Students: Ugh!

Practice Activities

Find a partner and practice using English expressions for asking for opinions. Use the suggestions below in your conversation.

Your countries president
The movie “Gone with the Wind”
The acting skills of Tom Hanks
The singer Elvis Presley

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