Knowing the English used at a hotel can be very useful for foreign travelers in English speaking countries.

At some time or another you may find yourself at an English speaking hotel. Whether at an economy hotel or a 5 star resort, you will encounter the same kinds of expressions, be asked the same kinds of questions, and respond to these questions in the same way either on the telephone or in person. Look at these short conversations used at a hotel.

Common English Expressions Used at a Hotel
    Guest: I’d like to book a room.
    Clerk: Yes, sir. Would you like a room or suite?
    Clerk: Do you have a reservation?
    Guest: Yes, the name is Billy Smith.
    Clerk: When will you be checking out?
    Guest: I’ll be staying until Sunday.
    Clerk: Do you prefer a smoking or non -smoking room?
    Guest: Non-smoking if you please.
    Clerk: Will you be paying by cash or credit card?
    Guest: Credit card, if you accept Visa.
    Clerk: Pease fill out this registration form.
    Guest: Of course?
    Guest: I would like to leave a wake up call for 6:30.
    Clerk: Certainly sir.
    Guest: Do you have room service and how do I contact them?
    Clerk: Yes we have room service until 1:00 AM. You can contact them by dialing 3663 on the room phone?

    Guest: I would like to leave a wake up call for 6:30.
    Clerk: Certainly sir.


Staff: Welcome to the Plaza. How can I help you?
Guest: I want to check in, I have a reservation.
Staff: Of course, your name please?
Guest: Ben Appleton.
Staff: Here you are. You reserved a suite for 5 days, over looking the lake. Is that correct?
Guest: Yes, I made the reservation for one, but my wife decided at the last minute to come along. I hope that is not a problem?
Staff: No problem, sir.
Guest: The hotel has a laundry service, is that correct?
Staff: Yes sir, just dail 232 on the room phone and they can assist you.
Guest: Could you tell me where the business center and gym are located?
Staff: They are both located on the 7th floor. The business center is on the east end and the gym is on the west.
Guest: One last thing, do I ask the valet to arrange for a taxi each day of my stay?
Staff: Yes sir, He will be happy to arrange that. Have a pleasant stay and do not hesitate to ask if you need further assistance.
Guest: Thank you. Have a good day.
Staff: Thank you, you as well.

Practice Activities

Find a partner and role play conversations at a hotel. Have similar conversations as above to check in, check out, special requests, etc. One partner
can play the role of a clerk and the other a guest.

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